4 Words / Entreculturas JRS

4 Words / Entreculturas JRS

There are 4 words that can change the lives of over 33 million refugee childrenwho are fleeing war, violence, and poverty all over the world: WELCOME, PROTECT, PROMOTE, INTEGRATE…

In late 2018, UN Member States are planning to adopt two Global Compact,one for Refugees and the second for Migrants. We want them to include these four words, proposed by Pope Francis, to influence the governments and those policies that permit and promote war, violence, and inequality.

Only 50 per cent of refugee children have access to primary school.

Children and minors under the age of 18 constitute 51% of the world’s refugee population, as such they are the age group most affected by forced displacement. The average length of displacement for a refugee or displaced person is 16 years.

Many refugee children spend their entire educational period living in a refugee situation, in either a refugee camp or urban area. Only 50 per cent of refugeechildren have access to primary school, as compared to 91 per cent of children around the world.

There are 33 million refugee and displaced children in the world.

They are alone.